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All kinds jewelry necklace maintenance requirements

by:Kirin      2020-03-24
Maintenance requirements for all kinds of jewelry necklace has some special requirements and pay attention to distinguish between matters which were introduced as follows: (now 1) Opal necklace. Opal hardness is low, should avoid to friction with other items. Opal contains water, should avoid high temperature, otherwise it will due to the evaporative loss of water, light, transparency, lost or crack. In addition, opal don't acid, so opal jewellery should avoid high temperature and acidity. Opal jewellery collection, also should pay attention to the environment cannot too dry, otherwise will cause dehydration and cracks, and even rupture. In order to prevent dehydration, during the dry season, making every time should opal jewellery in a clean water. ( 2) Amethyst necklace. The color of amethyst is not very stable, high temperature or fade after long time exposure can cause. In the process of wear or collection, should avoid exposure or high temperature. ( 3) Lapis necklace. Lapis lazuli after the first necklace is defiled, must not soaking and rinse with water. Because lapis lazuli is composed of a variety of mineral granular aggregate, if soaked with water and flushing, gem surface dirt to internal penetration and thus will change lapis lustre. Lapis lazuli jewelry tainted, can use wet cloth to wipe gently, wipe the dirt. ( 4) Jade necklace. Although the strong and toughness, has the certain impact resistant ability. But, after processing of jade products, are thinner, hit will be damaged. ( 5) Malachite and turquoise necklace. The hardness of the two stones are the water, very easy to wear. Chemical properties of the two is not stable, will be susceptible to corrosion in acid solution. Turquoise at high temperature, easy to change color, or even longer time of exposure and the sweat soaked, also can make turquoise color. These are all must pay attention to in the process of wear and collection. ( 6) Emerald necklace. Emerald hardness slightly larger than the hardness of jade, but more brittle than jade, so can't withstand the impact and break more than jade. In addition, the emerald afraid of high temperature, in case of fire is reduced fading, easy cracking at high temperatures. ( 7) Pearls and coral necklace. Pearls and coral hardness is low, can easily because of friction surface and lose luster. Both elements are calcium carbonate, will suffer corrosion dissolved in acid. Summer is easy to sweat, sweat will make damage to the surface of the pearl, coral and lose the original luster. Powder in the cosmetics, perfume and hair cream, etc. , it will also make pearl gradually. So, had better not to wear this kind of jewelry in summer. If the perspiration staining after rinse in clean water, reoccupy soft fabric wipe gently. Before pearl jewelry collection, be sure to after rinse, must also avoid cosmetics store.
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