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According to the color choosing accessories?

by:Kirin      2020-09-18

choose accessories not only need to choose according to oneself be fond of, at the same time should also take into account their skin color, temperament and other aspects to measure. To avoid such as color treasure, because of the advantage of the color, can satisfy the requirement of different color of skin people more and more by consumers. A suitable for their own pendant can not only reveal female charming beauty, the icing on the cake of myself, also can bring confidence to myself. Supplement talent, said silver collocation is not much, one or two pieces of exquisite decoration can very good ornament, more than three pieces of the kang vulgar. Silver is used to adjust the dress, to show the temperament of more in tune with yourself, and it is important to note that when choosing accessories to choose accessories according to your own color. People born with tonal color feature is consistent with nature, can be cold, warm. Wear appearing with the warm color cool color attune of jewelry, wearing a mixed 24 k gold necklace, a pair of silver earrings, this is the big fear of collocation. And accessories color there are changes in temperature, choosing accessories at the same tone with the colour of the clothes chosen, depends on the body itself natural hues. Black color is unfavorable to wear white or pink stones, avoid comparison is intense, and make skin appear darker. But act the role ofing use tea-coloured crystal, topaz, such as intermediate tonal gem, can have played down the skin. Color red, can choose light green, dark green color, such as jewelry, to foil a vitality. But should not be decorated with bright red, martial arts, or bright blue gems, avoid face turns purple. Skin color is white man, can choose with jewels of gold and silver jewelry and shellfish carve jewelry, the jewelry with white color matching, has the feeling of quiet beauty. But if the color is white, is not wear diamond jewelry, crystal jewelry, it makes skin more pale. Color is slightly yellow, choose platinum jewelry, silver jewelry, ivory jewelry is very appropriate, they can increase the wearer's elegant appearance; If choose green gems of other jewelry, perhaps the chromosphere jewelry, also can lining out elegant temperament. But try not to choose red or yellow jewelry, it makes skin more hasten is dark, thereby losing lasting appeal. LaHuang skin, should choose red orange kind of jewelry, with strong colors to enhance the wearer's flesh, in order to reduce it's easy to have a sick feeling. Choosing accessories seems to be a simple matter, to choose to suit oneself, for oneself society. with the ornaments requires the analytical of their skin color characteristics, so as to make jewelry and their mutual brilliance.

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