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About the silver content of silver ornament

by:Kirin      2020-09-15

the people like silver for silver types of charting, but few people know what is the difference between the silver content of silver each style. Many consumer after bought a silver to testing, the results were told only half the amount of silver. In order to let you little detours, the following is to popularize the small amount of silver ornaments silver knowledge. 925 sterling silver jewelry ( S925) Is: seventy-five over one thousand nine hundred and twenty-five over one thousand silver and sterling silver alloy, is an internationally recognized standard of sterling silver. Due to the joined the 7. 5% alloy. Increase the hardness of silver, jewellery and crafts to oxidation, discoloration, is not easy to deformation. Production of finished products better gloss. Silver is the use of common materials. Suitable for all kinds of silver ornaments. Tibetan silver: is generally do not contain silver composition, cupronickel, Copper nickel alloy) Bills of traditional Tibetan silver is thirty percent silver and seventy percent copper, because silver content is too low, so now in the market has not been to see, cupronickel replacement in full. Tibetan silver is made of small jewelry to match with the stone, commonly see more is turquoise, coral rock, red and green. Yunnan silver: general is fine silver, yunnan has a lot of silver, minority of popular jewelry, there still remain of the tradition of handmade silver. Is S925 pure silver on Thai silver: normally, it is a kind of special silver ornament craft special call. Some Thai craft to 925 sterling silver jewelry sulfide into & other; The ancient silver effect throughout the &; Also called & other; Thai silver & throughout; 。 “ The ancient silver effect throughout the &; Is really beautiful. MiaoYin: traditional MiaoYin is thousand fine silver, but now says miao silver, not pure silver, both other main component is copper, silver content is not high. Its main characteristic is the miao area manual production, beautifully designed, meaningful. Sycee: also called & other; Foot line & throughout; Is the qing dynasty, legal silver standard, the qing court regulation pay money is a standard with sycee, silver shall be calculated on the colour or other. Sycee colour is 93. 5374. Fine silver ( S990) : S990 silver or silver content in silver, nine hundred and ninety over one thousand is high purity silver, commonly used in silver bracelet, silver bracelets, silver pendant modelling simple silver ornament!

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