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A new method of silver to maintain what different?

by:Kirin      2020-09-14

sterling silver jewelry need maintenance? Leads to silver oxide the biggest reason is that oxygen in the air, so cut off air is the best way to maintain, such as silver ornaments placed in sealed plastic bags in the jewelry box, cut off air contact with vessels of silver, when silver oxide can be used to wash water or rub silver cloth to polished silver, silver but silver wash water power is stronger, so not to rub silver cloth can be used to please, such as using the silver bath light should be picked up immediately after flushing and gentle rub, and chemical substances on the surface of the qing dynasty thoroughly, and blow dry or the water of oxygen can accelerate more silver oxide oh, for such circumstance how to understand a new method of silver maintenance? Here to talk about some methods about silver maintenance time, let us a better and more complete understanding of the latest maintenance method of silver: first: keep silver dry, don't wear swimming, do not close to the hot springs and sea water. Second: daily cleaning of soil solution: a squeeze toothpaste on silver, add water, knead appropriate to small white bubble, then rush clean with clear water can resume shine. Third: suggest you here: if use mop can recover about eighty percent of silver, silver cloth, without using wiping silver cream and silver wash water, because these products have a certain corrosive, silver used in these products, will be more easy to turn yellow. After several black is hard to wipe the silver white. Fourth: if discover the silver signs change yellow, then you should use small brush cleaning fine seam of ornaments, jewelry and silver milk to drip a drop on the surface of paper, will silver black oxide, wipe the surface, with a wiping cloth silver recovery act the role ofing is tasted the original silvery white and bright. Five: don't wear other precious metals at a time when wearing a silver jewelry, to avoid collision deformation or abrasion. Sixth: use rub silver cloth, must first identify whether the presence of electroplating; Seven: wear every day with a soft cloth to wipe the surface of the silver, to maintain the luster. But it is best to dedicated rub silver cloth. Rub silver cloth containing silver maintenance ingredients, not washed.

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