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A just 'released' silver cleaning method

by:Kirin      2020-09-07

silver wholesale manufacturers said: for cleaning silver we need to understand from different angles, there are a lot of people choose different according to the weight of the silver black silver cleaning method, so what better way to clean silver? Shenzhen silver wholesale manufacturer's is a professional producer of silver, they are from the design of the silver samples to have a professional player for every detail, for such problems, they are the most professional, so they told us a new method of silver cleaning, then need to learn from the following several aspects: material first: foil a long ( The kitchen with the kind of good) Second: the third: a boiling hot water salt method first put your silver among the foil paper, foil paper size for accessories area, then cover on the silver ornament salt until jewelry is given priority to, and then fold foil paper, into a small pouch. Will be wrapped in silver foil paper in a bowl, then pour in hot water in the bowl, In tinfoil around slowly down, don't fall into the foil bag) 。 Soak for 30 minutes, open the foil paper, take out your silver, sweep away excess salt, dry after. Is not complicated, and can often cleaning, and will not scratch beloved silver ornament oh, salt is not very expensive, so if you have to take it, is not very bright silver can try this method. Note: because of the salt in the process of melting, and take away the dirt on the silver, also won't scratched the surface. Silver wholesale factory is a professional silver producers, their features of silver, and all kinds of cleaning methods have a certain understanding, now they write this kind of new way to cleaning the silver was also tested many times, if you can follow these steps, step by step to complete, so everyone's silver must wear more and more bright.

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