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A few simple 925 silver maintenance method

by:Kirin      2020-08-17

wholesale 925 sterling silver jewelry, according to the manufacturer for silver how can maintain better, more full of maintenance, for most people is a special problem, because a lot of people wearing silver ornaments over time will become dark, and for this case? How to better to better the silver to maintain? For this case mau embellish silver city have professional solution, they run 925 silver wholesale for decades, for the maintenance of 925 sterling silver jewelry has a professional, so here we list several simple 925 silver rulers of the city method: first: dry with blower, can wipe again with suede and bright as new; The second: then wearing silver ornaments to you for what you have; The proportion of boiled ( Must be boiling water) ; Third: first to TCM pharmacy or in the nearby pharmacy to buy a pack of alum; Fourth: remove the silver ornaments in cold water with a soft brush ( Such as: toothbrush) With toothpaste or laundry or salad to clean. 925 sterling silver jewelry wholesale manufacturer said silver is acted the role of maintenance is so simple, as long as we careful observation in daily life can better the silver to maintain better and more perfect.

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