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925 the distinction of silver and 990 silver, silver processing plants for your reading

by:Kirin      2020-09-03
In domestic jewelry consumption, most still is given priority to with gold, and silver big brands are relatively less, but in a foreign country, silver big brands is very much, and for the consumption of silver scene very much abroad, after recent years of development, the silver is also growing at home state, so the silver processing plant in guangzhou also gradually to targeting the domestic market. Today we will talk about the difference between silver material, there are mainly 925 silver and 990 silver, first of all, the silver content in different fine silver silver content is 990 & permil; 925 sterling silver, and is 9250 & permil; Silver sterling silver, now often is an internationally recognized standard of sterling silver, the 925 silver plated platinum ( Rhodium and palladium) , in order to prevent the silver oxide or sulfide cases, yellow and black. At present most with 925 sterling silver jewelry, silver jewelry market is often used to Mosaic classes, K gold, platinum style. So silver processing plant on the chosen material also need to be very attentively. 925 silver and 990 silver is according to personal interests, both have their own characteristics. 925 sterling silver jewelry silver content is relatively mature technology, it will technology and the perfect combination of purity, produce many thrilling style, 990 silver mainly for those people with sensitive skin, such as children's classes. The silver processing factory in producing silver, not only processing, more process inside, fashionable silver value lies in the process of silver, cannot be measured by g, and inlaid with crystal, zircon, such as surface plating, platinum and other precious metals, the value is much higher than the silver itself. If you want to look for the silver generation processing, welcome to visit the website WWW. kirinjew。 Com, learn more, guangzhou is a focus on 925 sterling silver jewelry generation processing manufacturers, dedicated to the world's largest silver brand do silver generation process, the company wholeheartedly for your service!
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