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925 silver + zircon

by:Kirin      2020-09-13

now a lot of material on the market of jewelry, 925 silver + zircon is made of silver ornaments in the most. Shenzhen alum embellish yincheng trade co. , LTD is a professional wholesale 925 sterling silver jewelry inlay zircon jewelry. Believe that a lot of friends for zircon does not understand. Mau embellish silver city in some knowledge about the zircon. Zircon, English: Zircon. Also called zircon, Japan called the hyacinth stone, it is December birthday stone, symbol of success. Zircon is a kind of special nature of gems. It has a higher refractive index and strong dispersion, colorless or pale blue varieties processed, like diamonds have strong fire phenomenon. Because it is similar in appearance and diamond, which is regarded as a gem can be comparable to the diamond. Zircon is a natural gem value high refractive index is second only to diamond, dispersion in gems, colorless transparent zircon like diamond, diamond is a good substitute. Common zircons formed a colorless, reddish brown, Venetian red, green, etc. But the most popular color is blue and colorless two kinds, one with blue value is higher, and generally after artificial heat treatment. Many of zircon on the market, is to take out the sales after heat treatment. Zircon often use heat treatment to improve its quality, or change the color or change the type of zircon. So, zircon become more beautiful, and easy to sales. As early as in ancient Greece, a beautiful gem has been love by people. Legend, bishop of jewish wearing 12 kinds of precious stones have zircon, called Xia Xin. , it is said that the alias hyacinth zircon stone, it is by Xia Xin, turn word, popular in today's Japan, Hong Kong and the mainland of our country. In western eyes, wearing red zircon can have hypnotic effect, can drive away the plague, prevail over evil. Now some countries zircon with turquoise as December birthstone, symbol of victory and success. High type is an early crystallization of magma mineral zircon, less or no radioactive elements, harmless to the human body. The world's most famous blue zircon, the 208 - carat, collection in New York's museum of natural history.

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