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925 silver wholesale network allows you to silver ornaments about several methods of illusory

by:Kirin      2020-08-25

925 silver wholesale the silver ornament factory is a professional wholesale manufacturers stand, for all kinds of fashion, popular silver ornaments are here, and USES the overseas advanced technology allows 925 silver wholesale and reached the peak, for that how to better understand clearly about silver wholesale and some of the true and false? 925 sterling silver jewelry wholesale manufacturer told us: first: it's luminosity, high purity silver generally reflect light bright, Snow White. With a little bit of other yellow reflective is a bit poor. No reflective is certainly other metals. The second: listen to the voice, the higher the purity of silver, voice aftertaste, the longer and is present, clacking sound. On the other hand, the difference of silver nut crisp sound. You can try to throw out under test. Third: 925 the meaning of this word, this refers to the degree of saturation, silver really everyday is not one hundred percent silver, silver hundred silver is very difficult to save, they only want to be under certain conditions, so do you see a ninety-nine percent silver can directly PASS away. Fourth: chemical experiment, with a little onto silver nitrate, silver can present green, green, the higher the content of the deeper. 925 silver wholesale manufacturer is such a company, solve of our 925 sterling silver jewelry ornaments of all kinds of confusion, also solve everyone pursuit of 925 silver, give you some of the best 925 silver, only in this way can more in line with our question about the silver in life.

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