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925 silver wholesale allows you to fully understand the maintenance of the silver

by:Kirin      2020-08-21

925 sterling silver jewelry wholesale is a comparison of the unsteady metal, discoloration caused by external factors ( Black or yellow) Can, there is no effective method to prevent the discoloration. But can through to the color of silver ornament and maintenance, keep the instinctive quality of time is more long. So how do you maintain 925 sterling silver jewelry ornament? The first: first to TCM pharmacy or in the nearby pharmacy to buy a pack of alum; Second: then you have to wear silver ornaments in the proportion of boiled ( Must be boiling water) ; Third: remove the silver ornaments in cold water with a soft brush ( Such as: toothbrush) With toothpaste or laundry or salad cleaning; Fourth: dry with blower, can wipe again with suede and bright as new. For 925 sterling silver jewelry ornament derusting also will have to find a better way, so here to give you details about 925 time some rust removal methods of silver ornament, let us better understand the silver ornament: dip in with cotton some white vinegar is wiped, black silver sulfide was dissolved in acid ester, silver ornament again burnish. Wipe with alcohol or sodium carbonate, the effect is very good also. With tartaric acid l, 10 1 alum and salt, mix heated to boiling, put the jewelry in; Take out after 10 minutes, wash with water and wipe dry. Washed with detergent decorations on the surface of first, then with sodium thiosulfate solution ( According to the 100 g water add 20 grams of ryukyu and generation of sodium sulfate) Wash with clean water again can.

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