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925 silver hand tailored for you a ring belongs to you

by:Kirin      2020-08-17

a woman's hand, such as face, how much money did you spend on your face, in the same way, your hand also cannot ignore. A lot of silver ring to how to match? Your hand type is suitable for what kind of a ring? 925 sterling silver jewelry wholesale and also for your hands' self-construal ':

refers to the short - - Avoid base thick twist type and complex design, proposal along the perpendicular line type swing or v-shaped ring ring, which appears slender fingers.

means the coarse - - Ring carefully or ring is too small can let a person feel fingers thick, slightly twisting or rolling design will look more slender, with your fingers or a single design also hide coarse refers to larger effect.

knuckles bulky - - With thicker fingers or the palm of your hand is bigger, the ring is not to let the main points of the projection of knuckles, ring refers to the size of the balance is very important. Should choose surface area is larger or vertical line ring, lead the line of sight of people to the ring, the knuckles are not conspicuous. Middle finger - - If your fingers belong to medium, then you can wear any shape ring, bear in mind that any rings should not long to refer to the joints, nor to broadly across the width of your hand.

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