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925 jewelry wholesale and teach you in wearing silver need to be aware of a few questions

by:Kirin      2020-08-25

925 wholesale jewelry manufacturers are favorite ornaments, silver ornaments has been all whether white-collar work, or college students, young women, middle-aged woman, all like accessories, according to these accessories so what need to pay attention to some problems when wearing? How to fully understand some problems about 925 jewelry wholesale? 925 jewelry wholesale manufacturer is here to tell you: first, to prevent the silver ornament contact with sulfur and its compounds for a long time, and cause metamorphism. Second: silver if use dry cloth to restore about eighty percent of its silvery white, do not need to use dry silver milk and water, because these products have a certain corrosive, silver used in these products, will be more easy to turn yellow. Third: silver ornaments worn in a period of time after the color change is very normal thing, don't think that you bought the fake goods, should take to maintenance. Fourth: after wear can wipe the surface with cotton or tissue, clear scale, in a sealed bag, as far as possible, reducing contact with the air. Fifth: the lipstick painted to cloth to wipe the silver, the final rinse method. Sixth: avoid close to ozone equipment, such as disinfection cabinet etc. Seven: adhesive wear process of silver jewelry, should avoid such as high temperature liquid immersion or baking, etc. , all with stone products should avoid the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine.

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