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360 silver is acted the role of maintenance is also has a unique skill

by:Kirin      2020-08-22

jewelry wholesale manufacturers said: everyone knows industry has 360 lines, line out of the top, but silver wholesale, silver maintain this line has been very prominent, to the question how to better and more fully know silver maintenance of methods? For this problem we also like to know something, for that matter, look at the following points, let it be better, more complete understanding of the silver maintenance problems: first, in the bath, game, be sure to silver will be taken down, avoid contact with bleaching powder and chemicals. Secondly, often with a cup of boiling water, put silver ornament in soak a few minutes, also can add a little liquid detergent. Decomposition 㐽 wear with grease and sweat for a long time, can the silver look new. Third: the assistant in the process of sale, sell, should tell to the customer the jewelry maintenance, in order to avoid in the process of wear, due to the improper wear, problems. Fourth: in the process of 㐽 wear, please try to avoid contact with any other chemicals silver, so as to avoid chemical reaction. Fifth: silver texture is soft, 㐽 wear should avoid squeezing and pulling. Sixth: especially Xia Tianai sweating, to avoid the corrosion of sweat to act the role ofing is tasted, wearing jewelry after stick on perspiration, immediately with water washing, water with a soft cloth to wipe clean, can continue to wear. Seven: at the time of makeup, please try to avoid contact with the silver ornament makeup and perfume.

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