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18 k gold jewelry maintenance method

by:Kirin      2020-03-29
1, do not use hand or other skin with 18 k gold diamond pendant diamond surface, usable and clean sheets of paper or makeup oil absorption paper to wipe. 2, with 18 k gold diamond pendant, not to take part in violent activity. Easily because of intense activity to pendant hurt cause damage or deformation, corrosion can also cause the sweat stains. 3, 18 k gold diamond pendant to check carefully before to wear jewelry key areas, such as chain, fastener, avoid loss. 4, every once in a while, will act the role ofing is tasted soaked in alcohol, take out after about half an hour to clean with clear water. If impurity content on the surface of the larger, difficult to clean, can get a professional jewelry shop to deal with. 5, 18 k gold diamond pendant to avoid direct contact with high volatile and chemicals such as detergents, perfumes, sea water and avoid winding hair or rubbing hard objects. 6, don't wear 18 k gold diamond pendant, must be careful rotation in the box. The diamond jewelry should be kept to avoid friction with other jewelry from scratch.
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