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18 k gold diamond jewelry daily nursing methods

by:Kirin      2020-03-29
For the freedom of the fashion young newcomer, believe that won't be too care about jewelry worn on the finger. But these expensive jewellery, only under the meticulous care, to endure and remain fresh. Jewelry below small make up just to tell you something about 18 k gold diamond jewelry daily nursing method, very simple, very practical. 1. When do the housework or other heavy work do not wear diamond jewelry. Because even when the diamond is a hard, it will still be other hard objects or sharp objects scratch. 2. Swim or do household cleaning before, should remove K gold diamond jewelry, because detergent liquid can make become dim K gold color, such as diamond, avoid contact with bleach and other cleaners. 3. Because of the diamond lipophilicity, diamond jewelry to avoid oil, soot erosion wear. 4. Avoid finger touch clean diamond surface directly. Should take diamond edge to avoid hand grease stained on the diamond, affect the luster of the diamond. 5. Take a shower before take off K gold jewelry. Because soap will let K gold jewelry in a layer of mist membrane, so that K gold jewelry lose luster. 6. Placed each K gold jewelry independently in different jewelry box, or in the drawer, avoid scratching. 7. Due to their high K gold jewelry ductility, don't often drawn should be paid attention to. 8. For your jewelry more lasting bright beautiful luster, please spare some valuable time to clean your jewelry, such as safety inspection maintenance.
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